26 oktober - Seminar Learn how to make business with Iran

  • 12 oktober 2021

Learn more about the European support provided to European companies to facilitate trade with Iran

CEO •  CFO • Sales manager • Marketing managers •  Selfemployed

This seminar is organised in cooperation with the Due Diligence Helpdesk on EU Sanctions for EU SMEs dealing with Iran and INSTEX, the EU-Iran Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges, will highlight the current opportunities and challenges of doing business with Iran, in light of EU restrictive measures.

You will learn about permitted trade activities between the European Union and Iran and how to use the Helpdesk to conduct due diligence on the proposed business activities and partners in Iran. The support of Instex to help SMEs best conduct their transactions in light of EU restrictive measures will also be presented.

The Due Diligence Helpdesk on EU Sanctions is a support tool provided by the EU Commission to encourage SMEs that are willing to engage with Iran, to do so in full compliance with EU legislation, by providing them with free-of-charge due diligence checks on specific business projects in Iran. INSTEX facilitates trade with Iran in light of challenges faced by EU companies who wish to continue trading with Iran in an unobstructed manner. INSTEX functions as a clearing house that facilitates the exchange of payment transactions between EU and Iran.

More info: Learn how to make business with Iran - BECI