2nd PITCCH Corporate Challenges Launch

  • 19 oktober 2021

The 2nd round of corporate challenges of the PITCCH project is open for applications, the  5 technological challenges  are launched by Electrolux, Mondi, REPSOL, SGS and SIGNIFY. 

PITCCH aims to promote an Open Innovation network where technology centres and other innovation agent act as intermediary to facilitate the establishment of structured collaborations between Big Corporations, as technology seekers, and SMEs/Startups as technology provider.

A preview of the 5 selected Corporate Challenges is available on the PITCCH website, here.

SMEs and Startups are now invited to reply to the PITCCH Challenges by proposing a solution based on advanced technologies.

Big Corporation, Challenge Title, Technology sought for

ELECTROLUX – Food Recognition APP. #Connectivity, #Artificial Intelligence
MONDI – Fly Ash as feedstock to specialty materials. #Advanced Materials
REPSOL – Production of Bio-Butadiene from Ethanol. #Advanced Materials, #Industrial Biotechnology
SGS – Automated Samplers for Environmental Monitoring. #Advanced Materials, #Nanotechnology, #Micro and Nano-electronics, #Industrial Biotechnology
SIGNIFY – Truly organic 3D printing material. #Advanced Materials

To have access to the full Challenges description and to respond to a Challenge, an SME or Startup should register on the PITCCH Open Innovation Platform.

The deadline for the submission of the first stage of the call for proposals is on the 15th November.

In order to apply, the SME or Startup shall comply with the EU definition of SME, and shall be a single company (not a consortium).

Information on the Rules and Conditions can be found here.

The selected SME or Startup per Challenge will receive €15,000.