Boosting R&D with Japanese interns - Call for applications

  • 21 juni 2022

Boost your R&D team: host a Japanese student in engineering or other high-tech / scientific fields.


The EU-Japan Centre is inviting applications from industrial companies, research centres and architectural practices, to host Japanese trainees for a 6 or 7-month traineeship in the EU, from late August 2023 to late March 2024.

The trainees come from leading Japanese universities and are students in engineering, or other scientific/high–tech fields. They will follow a language course before joining and will be able to communicate in the EU language spoken at your company.

By welcoming a trainee, the main benefits for your Company will be a valuable addition to your R&D workforce and an insight into Japanese culture, which is extremely useful for conducting successful business with Japan.

The application deadline is 23 September 2022