Circular Economy SMEs across Europe - Good practices from Barcelona to Bottrop

  • 22 april 2021

Are you a pioneer for a Circular Economy? Or do you want to find inspiration for your first steps?

The EU Action Plan for a Circular Economy has set ambitious goals. Most sectors must transition to completely different and circular business models in the coming years.

But some are ahead of the game! Are you?

We will virtually travel across Europe to show good practices from SMEs. You will get to know pioneers from different sectors and exchange with like-minded companies on how to become (even more) circular.

And – fingers crossed – we will hopefully be able to meet in person at the end of our travel in November 2022 at the Circular Economy Hotspot in Bottrop, North-Rhine-Westphalia (Germany). The Ruhrgebiet area has strongly been affected by the energy transition. Let’s take this as an example and face the next transformation process together.

Travel with us and become part of the community!

Several European regions will host a series of virtual webinars and workshops for SMEs. Each event will focus on a different industry. SMEs from all regions are invited to participate and make use of cross-border networking opportunities.

Expected itinerary 2021:


  • February: Mechanical Engineering, NRW
  • May: ICT & Electronics, Flanders
  • June: Food & Nutrients
  • September: World CE Forum
  • tbd: CE Hotspot, Bottrop (NRW)

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