• 25 juli 2022

Bettergy ( is leading the ENERZEN project (COLLECTIVE ENERGY FOR CITIZENS) and setting up a European consortium for the present EUROSTARS open call.

The ENERZEN proposal was already submitted in the previous EUROSTARS call receiving a funding recommendation from the 3 independent evaluators, scoring a total of 81/100, nevertheless the project was not finally funded as the amount of financing was limited for specific partners in their country of origin.

Bettergy is a leading cleantech startup providing Energy Sequence an energy efficiency intelligence platform to turn data into actionable savings. At present they have a strong market position in the solar software analytics market in Spain.

They are looking for the right partners to re-submit the proposal before September the 15th.


The main objective of the project is to help citizens and renewable energy community project developers to deploy, operate and maintain collective distributed renewable energy generation + storage projects.

A frontend-accessible platform including cohesive suite of tools and services will be developed for project sizing, operation and monitoring allowing stakeholders to scale project deployment and optimize asset performance. Stakeholders will thereby be enabled to digitalize photovoltaic and storage assets through their life cycle addressing both economic and environmental objectives using deep learning based data analytics and optimizations.

A trustworthy and traceable means for peer-to-peer energy trading will be developed using blockchain technology.


They are looking for 3 different partner profiles, from the following countries: Netherlands, Finland, France, Portugal, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Iceland, Poland, Romania, Austria, & Switzerland.

1. Technology development partner, weather it is an innovative SME or Technology Research Center:


This partner will be responsible/collaborate in the development of the "Operation service" through the implementation of forecasting algorithms for solar production and whole building energy consumption, that will in turn support ongoing optimal operation, this is the optimization of the charge and discharge planning according to energy saving and environmental objectives. It shall be involved in private and public data source acquisition services, and algorithm prototype deployment and integration, also contributing to the front-end development

Required capacities:

  • Thorough energy domain knowledge
  • Software development capabilities and resources, with expertise in AI forecasting and optimization techniques
  • Cloud data driven services development

2. Blockchain technology partner.


The development of specific on chain and off chain services allowing for the traceability of renewable energy assets, smart contracts dealing with Peer to Peer energy transactions. In general will be responsible Peer to Peer service module, front end & back end services development and blockchain underlying technology.

Required capacities:

  • Solid BC technology experience
  • Front end and backend web development experience.
  • Energy domain knowledge is desired

3. Business partner. The energy communities market is an emerging market, new business models being led by different stakeholders such us

  • Energy Cooperatives
  • Energy Retailers
  • Solar+Storage project developers focused on energy communities business models


Analysis and design of the business models to be considered for energy communities, detailed specifications for the model, and the optimization criteria to be considered. Shall also lead the testing work package.


  • Energy market background and focus
  • customer base or positioning to support the creation of new energy communities
  • data availability and internalization goals

Contact person: Els Schelfhout,