Looking for innovators - AIPlan4EU

  • 9 maart 2022

AIPlan4EU is a project that focuses on solving planning problems, by bringing top-level AI Planning expertise to innovators and practitioners.

Our Open Call #1 for use innovators is ongoing and features 3 different tracks, distinguishing 3 different kinds of contributions.

Track A is mainly of interest for planning experts, while Tracks B and C mostly require more general software development. In track B, we are also looking for additional use-cases, which can potentially be of interest to everyone.

We are looking for: 

  • Track A - AI planning Innovators (researchers, experts, students,...) and organisations (SMEs, MidCaps, larger companies, universities, research institutions, labs,...) who want to contribute planning technology to the AIPlan4EU ecosystem. We seek all kinds of software tool/library/technology related to planning.
  • Track B - A consortium of 2 entities: a use-case owner and a Technology-Specific Bridge (TSB) provider (SMEs, MidCaps, larger companies, universities, research institutes,labs,...). 
  • Track C - Organizations (SMEs, MidCaps, larger companies, universities, research institutes, labs,...) that can provide a Technology-Specific Bridge (TSBs) for the given healthcare use-case.

Note: TSB is an interface that maps the applicative data and abstractions into planning and vice versa.

We offer a founded opportunity to explore the benefits of AI Planning, for the use-case owners and the opportunity to make planning engines more widely accessible, for the planning technology contributors. 

  • Track A - €60.000 for each project, up to 5 projects.
  • Track B - €90.000 for each consortium, up to 7 projects.
  • Track C - €60.000 for the TSB provider

Applications will be ongoing until Wednesday, 20 April 2022 at 17:00 CEST: www.aiplan4eu-project.eu/call-for-use-cases/open-call-1-for-innovators
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In addition, we are also hosting 2 webinars to explain more about the opportunities present on this open call.

- Webinar #1 - Link

- Webinar #2 - Link


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