Pools producent van kartonnen verpakkingen zoekt distribiteur

  • 1 september 2022

Short summary

The company manufactures corrugated cardboard packaging. It offers for sale FEFCO (Fédération Européenne des Fabricants de Carton Ondule) packaging, stands, POS, folding and gluing machines.
The company designs biodegradable packaging from ecological cardboard. In addition, it provides service for its foldinggluing machines, its own transportation, innovative designs and design office support.

Polish company with many years of experience in the Polish and foreign markets offers:
- corrugated cardboard packaging for the following markets: fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy and processed food markets,
- POS constructions,
- stands,
- FEFCO packaging.
The entrepreneur designs to size both for individual orders and for distribution networks.
In addition, it provides service for its folding-plywood machines, of which it is the main distributor in Poland.
The company creates in the spirit of EKO.
The company is interested in cooperation with the following countries: Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania,
Ukraine, Netherlands, Denmark, United Kingdom, Benelux countries (France, Belgium), Scandinavian countries.

Advantages and innovations

The company:
- designs packaging from ecological cardboard - biodegradable materials;
- produces corrugated cardboard stands and POS are devoid of plastic elements;
- produces stands and packaging selected according to customer requirements;
- creates economical and innovative packaging designs;
- uses digital printing to enable personalization of individual packages;
- offers very short runs, making it possible to change the graphic concept for a particular season or holiday;
- personalizes the product to the customer's expectations;
- has a design studio that will take care of building a recognizable brand;
- is a distributor of reliable folding and gluing machines;
- has a service department for the folding and gluing machines it distributes.

Expected role of the partner

The company:
- is looking for a distributor of its products (CUSTOM BOXES, FLAP BOX, FRUIT AND VEGETABLE CHEF, TRAY, HOT
- offers to make certain products to order;
- can become a subcontractor;
- recipients of the products can be micro/small/medium/larger companies as well as retail chains;
- is prepared to carry out large as well as small orders, depending on the needs of the ordering party;
- She is interested in long-term and short-term cooperation.







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