Success stories

These success stories of Entrepreneurs hopefully will inspire you through your startup journey and will keep you motivated.

Europe supports iFLUX in the development of innovative groundwater technology


In water issues, rivers and seas are often looked at as a reference point. But iFLUX literally goes deeper into the most important component: groundwater. More than 95% of the available freshwater is in the ground. With their innovative IOT sensors, they analyse and report how and at what speed it moves. 

At the end of last year, iFLUX was admitted to the EIC Accelerator programme – a European instrument that supports companies with market-oriented innovations. For example, the Antwerp player wants to offer scalable and robust solutions with its groundwater sensors in the coming years.

EIC Accelerator: European funding for LVP Engineering


SMEs with disruptive ideas often need extra funding and coaching to realise their ambitious plans. For this they can rely on the EIC Accelerator. It's an EC programme that helps turn business concepts into innovative marketable products or services.

One of the SMEs that tapped into the EIC programme is LVP Engineering in Temse. They submitted with the help of Enterprise Europe Network an application for the EIC Accelerator for their washing installations.

The outcome was positive!

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs : from chemical to software engineer entrepreneur


Before the exchange, Adriaan de Bolle worked as a chemical civil engineer, now, a year later, he is a software developer ready to internationally market his own business. Read more about his success story and all the benefits of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme and how it can help you start your own business. 

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Japan, a new market for European entrepreneurs


Japan is an attractive market for many entrepreneurs. Being able to market your products in Japan, also give you access to the Asian market.

In order to forge relationships with Japanese business partners, Europe supports trade missions to Japan. Novosanis also participated in such trade mission. Novosanis from Antwerp develops and produces medical devices designed to enhance the quality of diagnostic tests.

Enterprise Europe Network together with the EU-Japan Centre acted as a matchmaker between Novosanis and a number of Japanese companies.

B4Plastics uses disruptive technologies to make the plastics industry greener and more globalised


Redesigning tomorrow’s plastics. Today.

That is how B4PLASTICS wants to contribute to a more sustainable and healthier world. The Limburg innovative start-up is on track to use its disruptive technologies to green and deglobalise the plastics industry. In order to commercialise these innovations, it has already won numerous subsidy projects and European support through the EIC Accelerator – the European subsidy programme for promising SMEs – ensures accelerated and sustainable growth.

Ecobirdy transforms old toys into colourful designer furniture for children
plastic kinderstoelen

If the stories of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear – heroes of Toy Story – moved you to tears, then you're going to like this one.

It all begins with a plastic push bike – we've all seen them around. The storyline is not new: kid grows up (fast), toy is abandoned, then disposed of. Push bike's friends are no better off: one ends up in a landfill, one in the stomach of a whale and one on the verge of incineration. But this European Toy Story has a happy ending.

And, believe it or not, this is where our very own COSME programme comes in.

Video of Ecobirdy.

GYMNA finds Swedish business partner via Enterprise Europe Network
Gymna - verkoopsteam Easyangle

Gymna is a Flemish company that distributes physiotherapy and rehabilitation products. They're constantly on the look-out for innovative new products to expand and improve their range. Their search often extends overseas. Gymna uses the Partnering Opportunities Database to find out about these new products. The database is one of the EC measures to help SMEs bring new and innovative products to market. Currently in the database we have 7,000 SME profiles from 63 countries. It has lead to around 20,000 business deals over the past 10 years.

The database brought Gymna in contact with the Swedish company EasyAngle. Enterprise Europe Network brought the two companies together and that initial first contact has lead to the first contract.

Video of Gymna.

Resortecs, winner European social innovation award, receives Seal of Excellence


Technological innovation is everywhere but entrepreneurs should also keep social innovation in mind. Every year the European Commission awards a company that is a strong player in social innovation and has marketed a product or service as an innovative solution for an important challenge in society. One of the winners of 2020 is Resortecs. Resortecs solves the issue of textiles recycling, more specific of recycling of clothing.

Resortecs called on the experts of the Enterprise Europe Network to submit a request for EIC funding. Enterprise Europe Network pushed their boundaries to increase their level, thus they were given a Seal of Excellence. So now, they are going for a second round, supported by the Enterprise Europe Network  to increase their level even more.

Enterprise Europe Network also helps Resortecs to create new partnerships with other European companies.

Alberts brings a healthy smoothie machine on the market

They created a Smoothie Station that helps making healthy choices super easy. Instead of grabbing for those sugary snacks, what about a 100% natural smoothie? The Alberts Smoothie Station gives you a fresh, personalized health boost in an instant.

Video of Alberts Fresh & Easy Smoothies

With the SME Instrument the European Commission mainly wants to reconcile innovation with commercialisation.


Launching an innovative product on an international market is not so obvious for certain SMEs. However, the European Commission tries to encourage such growth thanks to the SME Instrument.

In Flanders, Enterprise Europe Network is the organisation that assists with the applications. The core task of Enterprise Europe Network is the account management of the SME Instrument. This means that we assist all candidates in Flanders who have obtained a grant. Because we have this expertise Enterprise Europe Network also assist businesses during the preparatory phase.

One of those SMEs is AVIA-GIS in Zoersel. This software company applied for a grant for their project VECMAP  with success. They received a very significant grant of 1.6 million euros. They wanted this financial support because as an innovative business they didn’t have the means to build a complete commercial team to develop all the marketing material to launch the product on the market.